Tuesday, May 12, 2015

T-Mobile Austria Offers Four-Week LTE Trial

T-Mobile Austria has launched an LTE network test that gives new and existing customers the opportunity to try out both the network and LTE-enabled devices for four weeks at no cost. Along with the LTE access, the operator provides iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and T-Mobile HomeNet Box devices to users. After testing the network for four weeks, the operator will apply charges for the tariff and the device, but if the customer is not satisfied with the network, the device can be returned to T-Mobile free of charge.

T-Mobile Austria claims that while it continues its 4G/LTE rollout (which is now at 67 percent), it is providing 99 percent coverage via its 2G network and 94 percent via 3G. The operator aims for 90 percent LTE coverage by the end of this year and more than 97 percent at the end of 2016. The new campaign launched by T-Mobile, allowing users to test the LTE network and all its capabilities for four weeks at no cost is an aggressive approach to promoting the network. Additionally, by bundling LTE services with new compatible devices, the operator provides the customers with the opportunity not only to test the network‘s abilities to the fullest but also to become familiar with the high-end devices. Once the trial period ends, those who decide to keep the device and subscribe to an LTE plan will become regular subscribers, while those who are convinced that the network’s quality does not meet their expectations can return the device to the operator at no additional cost and with no requirements. T-Mobile’s free network trial could attract new customers and create additional revenue for the operator from selling LTE services as well as the compatible devices. However, the success of this campaign depends entirely on the strength of T-Mobile’s network. If the network fails, the operator will most likely lose some of its credibility.

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