Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Australia Launches App Challenge

The Australian Communications Consumer Action network (ACCAN) has announced the 2015 Apps For All Challenge, sponsored by Australian operator Telstra. This annual event, launched for the first time in 2014, aims to discover Australia’s most accessible apps, that is, apps specifically designed to be accessible to the largest number of people without the need for special modification. Nominations will be accepted in the following four categories: Most accessible mainstream app, most innovative app designed for people with a disability or older people, most accessible children’s app, most accessible game app. Winning apps will be announced at the ACCAN National Conference in September 2015.

According to ACCAN, almost one in five Australians lives with some form of disability. Due to impairments related to vision, hearing, cognition or mobility, these people are not able to take advantage of most of the 47,000 apps that others are downloading every minute worldwide. The Apps for All Challenge encourages developers to reach out and target this underserved population by creating apps that address their special needs. Telstra will award the winners in each category a cash prize and promote the winning apps through Telstra social media. This is a win for all—the developers whose apps get recognized and promoted, the customers who benefit from apps they are able to easily use, and Telstra, which not only gets recognition for sponsoring this positive initiative but also gets to expand its consumer market.

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