Friday, December 26, 2014

Dutch Tablet Penetration Equals That of PCs

As many Dutch consumers have tablets as personal computers—61 percent of the population in December, according to a report on digital media trends. In December 2013, 65 percent had a PC while only 53 percent had a tablet. The report also found that 77 percent of people have laptops and 76 percent own smartphones.

We have written rather extensively on tablet adoption in a variety of markets worldwide. In some less-developed markets in Asia, voice-enabled tablets are surging ahead, driven by the desire of budget-minded consumers to have only one device for all purposes. In a developed market such as the Netherlands, that type of concern is far less likely to be a factor. Nonetheless the fact that tablets have pulled right along PCs in terms of market share illustrates the point that increasing mobility is the major trend when it comes to data use. The change in the Dutch market has been quite rapid over the past year. As mobile devices gain in functionality and users grow more mobile, tablets appear poised to supplant stationary PCs and even laptops, in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

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