Thursday, December 25, 2014

Airtel Ghana Deploys Mobile Advertising Services

Mobile operator Airtel Ghana has launched a mobile advertising service that includes offers that have been tailored locally to provide advertisers with targeted ways to engage with customers. Airtel subscribers will receive promotional offers as well as content and event advertisements regarding local programs and services. Airtel has launched the service in partnership with Integrat Africa, a wireless application service provider, which will enable the operator to better analyze customer information, and as a result, allow advertisers to create ad campaigns for products in which users have an interest. Manu Rajan, Marketing Director of Airtel Ghana, has said that the service gives advertisers and ad agencies exactly what they need—direct, targeted dialogue with customers.

Airtel Ghana is the country’s fourth-largest mobile operator among six competing players. The mobile phone market in Ghana is one of the most developed in Africa. Several MNOs, including Airtel, reported increases in their subscriber base at the end of September 2014. However, subscriber growth has been attained at the expense of ARPU, making it necessary for operators to explore new sources of revenue. Providing value-added services such as promotional offers to subscribers is an innovative way for Airtel to increase revenue from fees it receives from advertisers as well as from data connectivity charges that customers incur when viewing and accessing the ads. Additionally, if mobile users view the promotional offers as value-added services, the operator may be able to attract new customers as well as retain its existing ones.

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