Monday, November 17, 2014

TeliaSonera Offers the Top Value Mobile Plan

Tarifica has announced the latest Tarifica Scores for postpaid mobile plans in Finland.

The Tarifica Score™ is a proprietary algorithm used to evaluate mobile plans based on the value they offer consumers. It incorporates every aspect of every postpaid plan (including usage allotments, geographic coverage, data speeds, value added features and promotional elements) and weighs them against each plan’s total cost to determine its consumer value. Scores range from 0 to 100.

TeliaSonera’s Jätti-X Nuorelle plan for Young People is the Tarifica Top Value Plan in the country, while DNA’s Äly 50M and Elisa’s Saunalahti Tarkka 4G (Bonus) represent their highest scoring plans, ranking second and third, respectively. Jamie Davella, Tarifica’s Finland Analyst explained, “DNA’s and Elisa’s best plans are comparable to each other in total consumer value, and both are similarly priced to TeliaSonera’s winning offer. However, neither comes with any voice or messaging allowance – they are essentially pay-as-you-go options – while TeliaSonera offers unlimited quantities of both in its top plan.

While TeliaSonera’s plan for young people (ages 18 to 25 years) has the best overall value due to its special promotional pricing, the operator also has the second highest value plan - Jätti - Sopiva minulle, which is similarly on promotion. All of TeliaSonera’s plans received extra value due to their ‘roam like home’ functionality which enables users across six Nordic and Baltic countries to have the same charges for voice, messaging and data services as in their home country. Davella continued, “When looking at the Finnish mobile market, we conclude that all three operators offer good consumer value, but TeliaSonera noticeably bests its two rivals in that regard.”

DNA has the Top Value Plans in the ‘under 10 and ‘€31 to 40 monthly price segments, while Elisa, which has respectable scores, does not have a Top Value Plan in any category. DNA and Elisa have the fastest download speeds which helped DNA’s Rajaton 4G plan secure the top value spot in the ‘€31 to €40’ segment, but this was the only high speed plan with a top value rating.

“In today’s mobile marketplace, consumers are flooded with hundreds of plan variations and constantly shifting promotions and deals—the majority of which come with different costs and services and access networks of differing strengths. When making a decision that will likely impact them for up to two years, consumers can use Tarifica Scores to cut through the clutter and identify those plans in every price segment that offer the best value for the money,” stated Tarifica Program Manager, Will Watts.

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