Tuesday, November 18, 2014

24 Seven SIM-Based National Roaming

British MVNO 24 Seven has released a SIM-based solution that allows users to roam domestically on the networks of a number of providers, searching for the best signal if a sufficiently strong signal cannot be found immediately. The system seeks out the strongest signal and automatically connects the device to that network, allowing the user to stay connected even in areas where their network providers’ coverage is unreliable.

In the U.K., there are four major service providers and a constantly growing number of MVNOs. Mobile penetration is relatively high, but the subscriber base continues to grow, as clients use multiple SIMs and devices. The competition among the service providers is high, so the operators are constantly creating new plans to increase and/or stabilize their position on the market, yet the problems with unreliable network coverage reported by subscribers have not been satisfactorily addressed. According to the most recent reports, it has been estimated that 20 percent of the U.K. suffers from undependable mobile phone signals, caused by a number of factors including geography and network coverage. The U.K. government has just unveiled proposals to improve coverage across the country; among the potential solutions listed are dual-SIM handsets, infrastructure sharing and mobile roaming. While the new offer introduced by 24 Seven might not seem like a long-term solution, it could improve overall quality of service until a more permanent solution is worked out. In addition, 24 Seven’s solution could be a good source of revenue for all parties involved.

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