Thursday, May 1, 2014

Orange Romania Offers New Orange TV Go Add-Ons

Romanian mobile operator Orange has started offering add-ons for customers who want to access the Orange TV Go service on their mobile devices. There are six options to choose from, and the monthly subscription fee varies between €4.00 (US $5.52) and €14.00 (US $19.35). The monthly data allowance included with each plan is either 1 GB or 3 GB, and customers will have access to as many as 75 channels, movies and shows, depending on which offer they subscribe to.

As we have been reporting, operators are constantly trying to create innovative offers that are attractive and affordable for users and open opportunities for additional revenue. These new offers from Orange Romania seem like a good way of expanding its roster of services that require mobile data usage. It appears that the data allowances included in the packages will not satisfy subscribers’ needs, and therefore they will likely purchase additional data to take full advantage of this option. By way of comparison, another operator that recently launched a mobile data bundle designed for specific usage is MTN Ghana. For GHS 5.00 (US $1.77) per month, users get up to 400 MB of mobile data, only for access to three social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Mobile data plans with small amounts of included data that are created specifically for either entertainment or social media platforms very often force subscribers to purchase additional data, and therefore they can be excellent drivers of revenue for operators.
“By giving just a little bit of strongly desired content, whether entertainment such as mobile TV or music or access to popular social media platforms, operators can have an impact on their customers’ data usage habits. This specific marketing technique tends to make subscribers more dependent and increase the amount of time during which they want to stay connected to mobile data. As users become more data-hungry, they will likely purchase additional amounts.”
Edyta Krzton, Senior Analyst at Tarifica

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