Monday, June 11, 2018

T-Mobile Poland Introduces Two Prepaid Offers With Zero-Rating Ahead of World Cup

Starting on 6 June, T-Mobile Poland will offer two new options for its prepaid cards. With the coming FIFA World Cup in Russia, the operator will allow its prepaid customers to use its popular service Supernet Video, which provides content from many popular streaming services, without it counting against their data allowances.
Users can choose a starter set for PLN 5.00 (US $1.36) for five days with unlimited calls to all networks, SMS, MMS, Supernet Video DVD and 1 GB of data; or a starter for PLN 30.00 (US $2.73) for 30 days with unlimited calls to all networks, SMS, MMS, Supernet Video DVD and 10 GB of data. Each option is valid for one year.
With the new offers, users will be able to watch the World Cup via live streaming no TVP Sport, which is included in Supernet Video. In addition, the zero-rating offer includes TVP Stream, Netflix, Showmax, Player, Chilli Cinema,, YouTube and VEVO.
While prepaid offerings have traditionally been positioned as having modest features due to budget concerns, they have been gaining on postpaid in terms of the richness of the offerings, as consumers at all levels become more demanding. The youth market, in particular, is interested in prepaid service, due to their limited financial resources and their desire not to be tied down to long-term contracts.
Including extensive entertainment content, especially video content, in prepaid packages is by now a proven way to attract the youth demographic. We can safely assume that T-Mobile Poland had this cohort in mind when designing these offerings.
The zero-rating of Supernet ahead of the World Cup is sure to give a boost to subscriber acquisition. And even though the short-term, prepaid nature of the offerings makes it possible for users to drop the service after the World Cup is over, we suspect that many will continue with it, not only because of the low price of the voice, text and data overall, but because of the zero-rating of other entertainment streaming services. Over time, the operator no doubt hopes that a good number of these users can be upsold to more expensive plans, including postpaid ones.

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