Monday, March 12, 2018

Verizon Debuts Platform for Connected Vehicles

U.S. operator Verizon has launched Verizon Connect, a platform that allows enterprises to manage their connected vehicles and mobile workers. Verizon Connect represents the complete integration of the company’s existing connected-vehicle division with two recently acquired fleet and mobile workforce management software companies under a single brand—Verizon Telematics, Fleetmatics and Telogis have been rebranded as Verizon Connect. The new platform is the culmination of more than US $5 billion in investments, the company said.
Verizon Connect provides the connectivity and data analysis to enable its customers to be better informed as to vehicle and worker location, efficiency, safety, productivity and compliance. The Verizon Connect portfolio of products and services includes fleet and mobile workforce management software platforms, embedded OEM hardware, and Hum by Verizon, a connected-vehicle device that is intended to enhance the driving experience for consumers.
The connected-car market is experiencing rapid growth, with private consumers as the dominant demographic. However, the applications for enterprise use are important and potentially very lucrative. Verizon’s idea of integrating its connected-vehicle platform with the fleet and workforce management software companies it has acquired is a very good one. For consumers, connected cars may be simply a convenience; for large corporations managing many vehicle for their workers, a system such as Verizon Connect could dramatically streamline and enhance a plethora of day-to-day operations.
For a telecom operator, owning, integrating and providing all aspects of this service is an inspired move, one that will endow it with relevance going forward in a way that goes well beyond traditional mobile services while still being firmly anchored in them. With Verizon Connect, Verizon is leveraging two decades’ worth of research and experience to move itself forward in the ever-expanding universe of connected devices.

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