Wednesday, January 4, 2017

T-Mobile Poland 10 GB Prepaid Monthly Bundle

Polish operator T-Mobile has launched a new prepaid offer. For PLN 25.00 (US $5.95), customers get unlimited calls and SMS and 10 GB for a month. The package is renewed after a top-up of PLN 25.00. Customers can add more data of 1 GB, 3 GB or 5 GB for respectively PLN 5.00 (US $1.20), 9.00 (US $2.14) and 12.00 (US $2.86). New customers who port their number to T-Mobile get the offer free for 30 days after the first top-up. T-Mobile’s basic prepaid offer is PLN 1.00 (US $0.25) for unlimited calls and SMS plus 300 MB internet for one day. The fee is charged only on days when the customer uses services. Top-ups are valid for 365 days.
This offer looks to us like a well-conceived plan to persuade prepaid customers to make a greater commitment to T-Mobile, without giving up their prepaid status. The new monthly prepaid deal costs 25 times the daily rate but gives over 30 times the value in data. The idea here is to counteract customers’ preference for the freedom of payment by the day (with no payment for unused days) with savings, while still honoring the desire for flexibility by offering data add-ons at reasonable rates. If prepaid daily customers become prepaid monthly customers, that is one step along the path toward postpaid status, and toward eventual richer plans that generate more revenue for the operator. Converting customers from low-end to high-end is a long-term, incremental process, and T-Mobile Poland’s current offer seems like an excellent first step.
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