Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tele2 Netherlands Starts Business Plans With Up to 4 TB of Data

Starting on 2 November, Tele2 Netherlands is introducing new business subscriptions and Company Bundles for employees to share. The plans are offered as SIM-only or with handsets. All subscriptions come with unlimited calls, while the data bundles vary from 1 to 24 GB per employee. Subscriptions of 100 minutes/100 SMS and a data-only plans are also available. The Company Bundles offer shared data allowances of 20, 50, 100 or 500 GB, or 1, 2 or 4 TB.  

We have written previously in these pages about the trend toward increased flexibility in mobile plan offerings, driven mainly by consumer demand. Consumers, motivated by budgets and by diversity and changeability of usage habits, have been demanding more options from their mobile operators. However, this growing need for flexibility is apparently affecting the business sector, as well, as exemplified by this slate of offerings from Tele2 Netherlands. Appreciating the fact that businesses’ plans for employees need to cater to a diversity of needs in terms of data and voice use, the Dutch MNO is allowing companies to purchase subscriptions so that employees need not all have the same allowances. Handset and SIM-only options address the fact that some employees are on a BYOD basis while others are not. Finally, the huge bundles of data at the top of the slate reflect the fast-growing hunger for data even among business clients, who may not be streaming massive amounts of entertainment content but may be performing job functions that consume a great deal of data. In short, offering flexibility in its plans for business customers as well as for consumers is a smart move for MNOs today.

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