Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ooredoo Qatar Introduces Mobile Video Clip Service

Ooredoo Qatar has launched its newest service—the Ooredoo Video Clips mobile portal, adding to the company's entertainment offerings. Ooredoo Video Clips, which has been designed to enable Qatar's smartphone users to watch videos online and on-the-go, offers subscribers the ability to access unlimited video clips on a daily basis. Once they have subscribed, customers will be able to watch as many videos as they like on their mobile devices, with more than 1.7 million videos available in genres such as sports, action movies and Bollywood films, from a catalog of 25 languages. Subscriptions cost QAR 2 (US $0.55) per day on a recurring daily subscription basis. Ooredoo Video Clips was developed in partnership with Vuclip, a video-on-demand service for emerging markets.

Entertainment content deals between operators and content providers can be effective ways for operators to enhance their brands by associating them with other brands that are already popular with a large number of users. It also enables them to move beyond the old model of simply providing connectivity. In some cases, it can also drive revenue from data use, although this deal from Oordeoo appears to charge customers only on a flat-fee, per-day basis rather than by the data. Nonetheless, such a partnership is, we believe, a boon to the operator in terms of making itself more distinctive and appealing to customers and potential customers.

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