Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tarifica Announces Major Findings From Latest Research

A recent survey by Tarifica of both SMBs and Enterprises in the U.S. found that a great majority plan to use hybrid services to transition from premises-based telephony (“CPE”), contact center and Unified Communications to similar services in the Cloud over the next three years. Only about a quarter of companies surveyed did not plan to use hybrid services for telephony or UC, while a slightly higher percentage did not plan to use hybrid contact center services. Of those planning to use hybrid services the majority expect to phase out their use of CPE-based applications over time in favor of total cloud solutions. 
“The high level of planned adoption of hybrid solutions found in the research was somewhat surprising,” said Ken Dolsky, Tarifica Program Director, “but it makes sense as a risk management approach. Customers are sold on many cloud benefits and are looking for ways to try it with non-mission critical applications before moving more important applications.” 
The study analyzed the differences in needs between SMBs and Enterprises regarding successful hybrid solutions. It also determined the current level of satisfaction with different hybrid application implementations. One key finding is that customers report being far more satisfied with cloud-based telephony implementations than those for UC and contact center (see chart )The major issues with the two latter applications are based on poor performance on the part of service providers both in the planning/implementation process and in ongoing service support. However, less than half of the customers were satisfied with telephony hybrid solutions, showing that operators have their work cut out for them. “In many countries operator market shares are fairly static. The transition to cloud via hybrid solutions is extremely strategic as it provides operators the opportunity to change the market share dynamics in their countries. Those who can satisfy their customers could dominate this market for some time to come,” stated Richard Dorfman, Managing Director at Tarifica.  


Tarifica is the global leader in monitoring and analyzing telecom pricing. Covering hundreds of operators in every region of the globe, Tarifica’s databases of mobile, fixed line data and voice tariffs are among the largest and most in-depth in the world. Tarifica is also a leading publisher of benchmark and other pricing reports, and its analysts are recognized authorities in the telecom industry, relied upon by operators and businesses worldwide for pricing insight and guidance.

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