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Tarifica Mobile Database Alert Service

Tarifica’s Mobile Database now provides customizable alerts that notify subscribers of changes in mobile plans and offers. Instead of having to search through press releases, competitors' websites and advertisements, the Tarifica Mobile Database will instantly alert users whenever a plan with specified features has been added, updated or removed from the database.

Database subscribers can build personalized alerts tailored to their needs and interests based on dozens of distinct plan and offer characteristics.

 Examples include:
¨ New competitive promotions including seasonal specials
¨ Changes to the price of a selected device (such as the iPhone 6 Plus)
¨ Notifications when plans are no longer available
¨ Advisories on the launch of new value added plan partnerships (for example, Netflix or Spotify)
¨ Updates to international and roaming rates to/for selected countries
¨ Changes in service allowances expected to follow network enhancements

Database Example:

The Newsfeed

In addition to receiving email alerts of critical plan changes, this information will also be stored and presented in the subscriber's Newsfeed. This feature displays all of the user's Alerts by category. By selecting an Alert, the subscriber will be able to view every affected plan with indicators for newly added plans, existing plans that were modified and plans that were removed. Subscribers can use this feature to track every development in their market at a high level or leverage it to focus on changes to a single feature or series of plans. Users can also select any of the plans and immediately view every associated rate, feature, service and device.

The Newsfeed Features

¨ Clear indication of new, modified and removed items
¨ Alerts are categorized and listed separately for easy viewing
¨ Each Alert shows the number of notifications received
¨ Alerts can be viewed or hidden with a single click
¨ Date of Alert and the impacted plan names are clearly displayed
¨ All plan details are available by selecting “View Details” (sample shown on the next page)

Database Example:

View Details Display

¨ This view displays all of a plan's rates, included services, devices and associated features
¨ Modified plans are shown in side-by-side format with changes noted via a yellow dot on the left side of the screen, making it easy for users to see the evolution of the market

Database Example:

The Mobile Database

The Tarifica Mobile Database tracks every plan, offer and bundle from every major mobile operator in 66 countries around the world. For each consumer and business plan, the database tracks and displays every rate, included feature and restriction. This information provides subscribers with three critical services.

First, many subscribers rely on the Tarifica Mobile Database to monitor their rivals and the competitive environment in their market. Since the database tracks every mobile plan and displays this information in a clear and standardized fashion, it can free up the hundreds of hours of staff time that were previously invested in collecting this information by combing through competitors' websites, press releases, news articles, and other sources. With the Tarifica Mobile Database, subscribers can simply log on and know that they have comprehensive, up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Second, the Tarifica Mobile Database facilitates deeper and broader analyses of the mobile marketplace, both within a single country and across national boundaries than is possible with other tools. Unlike Excel based solutions for data gathering, the Tarifica Mobile Database is a true relational database and includes tools for easy searching, sorting and graphing of the data on any number of service and pricing elements thus enabling users to complete market research projects that would otherwise have been too resource intensive to undertake. Now, with the alert service subscribers can save even more time by bypassing having to search the database for critical information. In short, the Tarifica Mobile Database is able to turn its wealth of data on mobile plans and prices into actionable and meaningful intelligence through its large array of features and easy-to-use tools.

Third, the database enables users to draw insights from mobile plans around the world. Subscribers can easily view pricing and promotional strategies of innovative new plans and services and compare these across markets. Users can quickly select the specific plans or data needed to rapidly create customized benchmark reports, download this information to Excel and manipulate it as needed, including having the luxury to perform any number of “What if” analyses.

The Tarifica Mobile Database features:

¨ Every plan, rate, bundle, feature and service from hundreds of mobile operators
¨ Easy searching and querying
¨ Ability to graph results and/or download to Excel
¨ Coverage of included devices and prices

Database Example:

Data Sourcing

Tarifica is a research, consulting and data analytics firm that has served mobile and fixed line operators, regulators and consultants for four decades. Throughout this time, our focus has been on tracking the evolution of the market including competitive strategies and potentially disruptive factors in global plans, offers and rates.

Tarifica employs a team of researchers who are constantly reviewing mobile operators' websites, telecom news articles and press releases, and discussing plans with sales representatives. Ultimately, they standardize this information and enter it into the Tarifica Mobile Database. Before new entries are accepted, all of the data must pass a thorough review from a senior researcher to ensure that it is up-to-date, accurate and clearly presented.

Tarifica is the global leader in monitoring and analyzing telecom pricing. Covering hundreds of operators in every region of the globe, Tarifica’s databases of mobile and fixed line data and voice tariffs are among the largest and most in-depth in the world. Tarifica is also a leading publisher of benchmark and other pricing reports, and its analysts are recognized authorities in the telecom industry, relied upon by operators and businesses worldwide for pricing insight and guidance.
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