Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vodafone New Zealand Introduces Family Services Offering

Vodafone New Zealand has announced that it is offering a suite of family services that will help families stay connected and navigate the digital world. The group of four services includes digitally-offered parenting advice, mobile service packages that target families, technical teams that help families set up their digital services at home and online tools to help ensure the safety and security of children. The first service, which launched on 2 July, is Digi-Parenting, an online hub of articles, videos and printable guides that offer parenting advice. Vodafone has partnered with U.S.-based The Parenting Place and New Zealand nonprofit organization NetSafe to provide this product. The second offering in the suite enables families to connect all their mobile devices through a shared family plan—one of Vodafone’s Red Share plans. The family services offering has two apps—Vodafone Guardian, which enables users to set parameters on mobile devices, and Vodafone Blacklist, which allows customers to block numbers. Lastly, beginning in September, Vodafone families who want to connect their households with Vodafone broadband, mobile and fixed line services will have access to a technical support team to help them do so.

According to recent reports, New Zealand’s mobile phone penetration rate is around 125 percent, and there is great potential for it to continue to increase. This could be because all of the country’s operators have been offering attractive add-ons with their packages, and because the MNOs have improved their networks with the continued expansion of 3G/4G services. Vodafone, the country’s second-largest operator, has taken an interesting approach, both in the way it is promoting its family shared plan and in the way it is encouraging families to subscribe to triple-play offers of mobile, fixed line and broadband services. The operator is appealing to a family’s sense of unity and to parents’ desires to keep their children safe and secure. By marketing informational resources and apps that can be used to protect children from different types of cyber dangers with mobile packages and service offers, Vodafone has created a special offer for this targeted group and may bring in new subscribers and revenue with it. The additional fact that the data in the shared offer does not need to be divided equally among the plan participants is probably makes it even more appealing to this demographic.

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