Friday, June 26, 2015

TDC Comes in First in OpenSignal Survey for Mobile Speed in June

Danish operator TDC said it came in first place for speed in a June 2015 survey of 97 global mobile networks conducted by OpenSignal, a company that specializes in mapping wireless coverage. OpenSignal took measurements from more than 330,000 users across the globe. TDC ranked first for its 4G network’s average speed of 27 Mbps. Second in the OpenSignal ranking by operator was Vodafone Spain, with an average speed of 23.6 Mbps, followed by Singtel of Singapore at 22.8 Mbps and SGP-M1, also of Singapore, at 21.2 Mbps. France’s Free came fifth at 20.8 Mbps. Sixth was T-Mobile Netherlands at 20.6 Mbps, then DNA seventh at the same speed. Orange France came eighth with an average speed of 18.4 Mbps and Chungwa Telecom of Taiwan was ninth, with the same average speed. Taiwan Mobile rounded off the top 10 at 18.2 Mbps. In terms of country rankings, OpenSignal put Singapore in the top position with an average speed of 24 Mbps, followed by Chile at 20 Mbps and Denmark in third place, also at 20 Mbps. Spain came fourth at 18 Mbps and Hungary ranked fifth at 16 Mbps. France came sixth, Finland seventh and Taiwan eighth, all three also at 16 Mbps. Switzerland came ninth and Australia tenth, both at 15 Mbps.

We find these results quite interesting, as much for the omissions as for the inclusions. South Korea, well known for its ultra-sophisticated mobile environment, complete with LTE-A, did not make the top 10. We do not know the exact criteria used by OpenSignal in making its rankings, but perhaps South Korea’s highest speeds are not widespread enough throughout the country. We are not surprised to find a Danish MNO ranked first and Denmark as a country ranked third, in that Denmark has an advanced telecom sector and is a small, densely populated country with few remote areas. As for Singapore, it is even smaller and denser and also is a highly sophisticated mobile market. Spain is larger and less economically strong right now, so its high country ranking and Vodafone’s operator ranking are more surprising, and the same can be said for Hungary. Clearly, the worldwide speed race continues as mobile usage expands and customers continue to expect faster and faster results, and as 4G as well as new kinds of networks proliferate, the results of this survey will likely appear slow by next year.


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