Monday, June 1, 2015

Airtel Kenya Offers Discount on Bundles Purchased Via Mobile Money

Kenyan mobile operator Airtel has recently offered a five percent discount on the value of UnlimiNet bundles purchased by subscribers using their Airtel Money accounts. After selecting a preferred bundle, customers confirm the purchase by entering their Airtel Money PIN number. They will then be notified of their bundle subscription and discount allocation by an SMS from the operator. “This new offer gives Airtel Money users an opportunity to get more when they choose to purchase UnlimiNet bundles through their Airtel Money accounts,” said Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssseffi.

In 2014, the Kenyan mobile money market moved KES 2.37 trillion (US $24.19 billion) in money transfers. With a population of 44.35 million people and 25.9 million mobile money customers (Kenya’s largest operator, Safaricom, has 20 million subscribers), Kenya has the largest mobile money market in East Africa and is the third-largest telecom market in Africa behind Nigeria and South Africa in terms of investment and number of subscribers. As the number of mobile subscribers continues to grow in Kenya and provide operators with a larger pool to tap into, MNOs are creating appealing data offerings as a way to increase returns on their infrastructure and technology investments. In such developing countries, subscribers’ increased demand for data offerings has been fueled by affordable smartphones (Kenya’s mobile penetration rate was 80.5 percent at the end of Q3 2014) and by specifically satisfying “unbanked” subscriber needs with mobile money offerings. Airtel’s recent discounted offer is something of a twist on the type of promotions that mobile operators are offering. Airtel is trying to incentivize customers to buy traditional mobile services through its nontraditional offering. We believe it will not only bring in revenue for Airtel through its UnlimiNet bundles but may also help the operator increase its number of mobile money subscribers in an attempt to come closer to Safaricom’s mobile money subscriber base.

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