Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Telstra Invests in Gorilla Technology Group

Australian operator Telstra holds a multimillion dollar equity stake in Taiwanese video big data and analytics company, Gorilla Technology Group, via its recent investment through Telstra Ventures. According to Telstra international president Tim Chen, the retail, security, broadcast and government sectors could benefit from Gorilla Technology Group’s scheduling and management offering, along with its video analytic software solutions—which is set to be integrated into Telstra’s network. Chen also added that Gorilla’s software solutions will enable their business customers to convert raw video into searchable data and real-time searchable video cataloguing. By integrating its solutions into Telstra’s international connectivity and data centers as well as cloud services, the technology company will be able to offer it to business and government customers worldwide.
Telstra is the dominant operator in Australia’s telecom market, which is a very active sector of the country’s economy. Its venture with Gorilla Technology Group is not the first equity investment that Telstra Ventures has made in technology companies, as is evidenced by its pumping money into Australian cloud-based business process guidance software solutions provider Panviva in December 2014 and its role as a backer in funding rounds for electronic signature company DocuSign and e-commerce platform provider Big commerce earlier in 2014. Telstra also took control of Silicon Valley-based video streaming and analytics company Ooyala in August 2014.
We have written previously about operators investing in companies to which they will be providing connectivity as a way of generating revenue in more ways than just playing the conduit role. It appears that Telstra believes businesses are demanding software-driven value-added services, and with video becoming more prevalent as a communication medium—and also being available over an increasing number of devices—the operator can gain some revenue from its investment in a solution that offers the ability to analyze and manage big data generated from video and use that data to provide business intelligence and other value-added services. As operators find themselves generating less revenue from traditional call services, Telstra’s ability to keep up with current trends is a good way to minimize those losses.

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