Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Google to Promote Mobile-Friendly Sites in Search Results

Google has announced, in a blog post, that effective 21 April it is tweaking its search-engine algorithms to increase the ranking of websites that are mobile-friendly. The change will affect mobile searches in all languages and countries where Google is available. According to the blog, sites that have been optimized for mobile viewing will receive a higher ranking in search results than sites that Google deems are not well suited for mobile device viewing. Over the past two years Google has been actively stressing the need for website owners to better design their sites to be more mobile-friendly.

Mobile usage is continuously increasing worldwide, both in developed countries such as the U.S. where accessing the internet on mobile devices has surpassed accessing it on PCs and in the “mobile-first” emerging nations where more users are switching from low-end feature phones to smartphones, enabling them to access the internet as well as voice and SMS. In these environments, it would behoove businesses to optimize their websites for mobile viewing. We cannot imagine any business that would not prefer a higher ranking on the search results offered by the most widely used search engine in the world, and we expect that a great number will comply with Google’s requirements. Google’s requirements indicate how positively the internet giant views mobile device use, which is a plug for mobile operators, in and of itself. More importantly, the mobile-friendly websites that more and more businesses will be creating should result in longer browsing times and data use by mobile subscribers.

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