Tuesday, January 13, 2015

T-Mobile Poland Offers Free 12 GB of Data with Mix Plan

T-Mobile Poland has launched a campaign that offers up to 12 GB of data at no additional cost to new customers who sign up with any of the operator’s Mix plans. The additional data will be valid for one year. Also, new customers and those extending their subscription contracts will receive a free monthly package of 100 SMS/MMS for the first six months or for the whole contract term, depending on the plan selected. The new offer is available both to consumer and to business subscribers.

The mobile market in Poland has very high penetration levels and is dominated by four mobile operators. As we have reported previously, mobile operators that provide services in developed and emerging markets alike are concentrating more and more on expanding the overall value of their plans by adding additional services or unique content to existing packages at no additional cost. Offers that include popular content such as music streaming services, entertainment, sport, unlimited access to social media outlets, as well as a significant amount of mobile data are highly popular among subscribers and thus constitute a good source of revenue. T-Mobile’s new offer provides a very generous amount of free data that can be used over a 12-month period, so that subscribers can take advantage of it throughout the duration of their contracts. We believe that this new campaign will not only attract new customers but will also promote T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network and have a positive impact on the operator’s position on the market.
Our recent findings using the Tarifica Score™—the leading measure of consumer value for mobile plans—confirm that additional amounts of mobile data tremendously increase the overall value of a plan. The Tarifica Score™ also highly rates content services such as access to Netflix, Deezer, Spotify or any social media platform. These value-added services are known to become popular on the market quickly and generate a good amount of revenue. Operators should focus on their market needs and include offers based on those preferences.
Edyta Krzton, Senior Analyst at Tarfiica

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