Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nar Mobile Launches Promotion With Book Retail Chain

Azerbaijani operator Nar Mobile has launched a joint promotion with a retail bookshop chain, Ali & Nino, according to a report. Customers who subscribe to packages from the operator’s Turbo line that include handsets or tablets will receive discounts at the bookshops. Subscribers to Nar’s Turbo S, Turbo M and Turbo L packages will get discounts of 25 percent, 30 percent and 40 percent off purchases, respectively.

We find this promotion interesting because of the fact that many tablet owners use the devices to read e-books. Encouraging the consumption of traditional print books could conceivably conflict with or even cannibalize tablet business over the long run, which would make a bookstore chain an odd choice as a promotion partner for a mobile operator selling tablets. Nonetheless, it may simply be the case that consumers in Azerbaijan are enthusiastic readers and therefore a retail book promotion is a useful way to drive subscriptions to plan packages that include various devices that will be used for a variety of purposes. 

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  1. Hello!
    Thanks a lot for reaching out to cover even Azerbaijan's telecom industry.
    I wanted to comment that different from western business model in telecom, Azerbaijan's telecom business is based mostly on the services sold. If US MNOs sell devices with designated plans, Azerbaijani MNOs sell SIM cards and rely on consumption of voice, sms and data bundles.
    So cannibalization is not the case in this case.