Friday, December 19, 2014

Tismi Becomes a Fixed and Mobile Operator in Germany

Dutch-based Tismi Mobile has announced that it is now a licensed national operator in Germany and been granted both fixed and mobile numbers by the German regulator. The company has already been active in Germany for several years, and this move allows it to offer services there without partnering with local carriers. Tismi currently holds MVNO licenses in several European countries, including the Netherlands, the U.K., Germany and Switzerland.

Tismi, an MVNE, has been offering MVNO services in partnership with mobile operators such as Three in the U.K.; with this regulatory approval in Germany, it will be able to operate completely independently. Not only that, but since Tismi also has cable infrastructure, it can now compete with established MNOs in Germany that offer multiple-play packages. Clearly this development is a strategic move in Tismi’s ongoing effort to expand not only its services but also its footprint in key markets in Western Europe.
“We find it noteworthy that Tismi, an MVNE, is functioning as a provider of converged fixed and mobile services. We have written about many instances in which MNOs move into the converged sector by acquiring or partnering with cable broadband providers, but for a virtual operator to offer both mobile services and broadband is a newer trend that we have seen accelerating recently.”
Serge Fisun, Research Analyst at Tarifica

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