Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hrvatski Telekom Discounts Mobile Devices for Christmas

Croatian operator Hrvatski Telekom has launched a Christmas offer that provides discounts and promotions on selected plans and mobile devices. New and existing customers can purchase all of the discounted mobile devices at any of the operator’s stores and via its website. The prices vary based on the device selected.

As we have written previously, operators are constantly trying to find new ways not only to offer innovative services but also increase their revenue by selling high-end mobile devices. The services have to fulfill the market’s expectations and satisfy customers’ needs. In some markets, including Croatia, operators develop promotional programs that allow the user to purchase mobile devices at a discounted rate along with a long-term subscription contract. By subscribing to a specific plan, the customer is able to purchase a device and can either pay for it up front, in one payment, or in 12 or 24 monthly installments, based on the agreement. Even though the promotional programs are usually available for a specific period of time, they are offered several times throughout the year so that the interested customers can take advantage of them.
The mobile market in Croatia is dominated by prepaid users (59 percent of the market, with the other 41 percent postpaid). Hrvatski Telekom’s Christmas promotion offer could increase the overall number of postpaid users and create additional revenue by selling a wide range of mobile devices and mobile service packages that require long-term subscription contracts.
“The holiday season provides many industries, including the mobile telecom industry, with an excellent opportunity for marketing to new clients. Service providers can create promotional offerings to attract new subscribers, increase overall revenue and trim down current inventory.”
Karen McConnell, Marketing Analyst at Tarifica

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