Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SingTel Scores the Worst at Providing Consumer Value

Singapore’s largest mobile operator SingTel, consistently provides less consumer value compared with rivals StarHub and M1, according to the latest all-inclusive Tarifica Scorestudy of the country's postpaid mobile plans. The Tarifica Scoreinvolves a comprehensive algorithm that weighs every feature of a mobile plan including usage allotments, geographic coverage, data speeds, value added features and promotional elements against its total costs and then determines its precise consumer value relative to all other offers in the country. Scores range from 0 (worst) to 100 (best).
Singapore's plans were divided into two categories, “With Phone” and “SIM Only”, and then divided into four price segments, creating a total of eight groupings. M1’s plans led the field, winning best consumer value in four groups. StarHub followed close behind, winning best consumer value in three, while SingTel was able to capture just one win. SingTel plans ranked last in six of the eight groups.
SingTel’s plans consistently come with fewer minutes, SMS and MBs of data than comparably priced plans from StarHub and M1,” stated Susan Cray, Tarifica’s Singapore Analyst. “Moreover, SingTel’s plans did not include some of the additional value features like international calling or roaming that the other operators provided at no additional charge. In short, regardless of their budget or needs, we would advise mobile consumers to avoid SingTel’s plans, as there is almost always a better option available.
A unique feature of Singapore’s mobile market is the degree and specificity of plan segmentation. A large number of plans from each operator are targeted to particular groups such as individuals with disabilities, military personnel, students/youths and senior citizens. “The Tarifica Score demonstrates clearly that these tailored plans almost always offer substantially more value than the general plans available to the public, regardless of the operator, with scores often running 30 to 40 percent higher” stated Cray.
“In today’s mobile marketplace, consumers are flooded with hundreds of plan variations, constantly shifting promotions and deals—the majority of which come with different costs, services and access networks of differing strengths. When making a decision that will likely impact consumers for up to two years, the Tarifica Score can be used to cut through the clutter and identify those plans in every market segment that offer the best value for the money,” Tarifica Program Manager, Will Watts.
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