Friday, November 7, 2014

Atlant Telecom to Offer Cloud Video-Surveillance Service

Belarusian IPS Atlant Telecom will offer cloud-based video surveillance service to its subscribers. Users will be able access video surveillance cameras from any location in the world via smartphone, tablet or PC. Three tariff plans will be offered for residential customers: Starting, Home and Home+. Subscribers will create a customized plan costing from BYR 1,000.00 (US $0.09) per day for just video surveillance up to BYR 4,000.00 (US $0.37) for video streaming, notifications, a weekly archive ability, and exporting capabilities. For law enforcement entities, two tariffs will be offered, Video Monitor and Video Monitor+, and for business customers Atlant will offer a customizable solution based on their needs.

Belarus’ economy has struggled since 2008, and inflation has affected operator revenue contributing to reduced investment. Nevertheless, analysts predict many opportunities for growth in the coming years, particularly in the broadband segment, where penetration is relatively low. Continuing the trend of merging the telecommunications and information technology sectors, cloud-based video surveillance services can provide a significant revenue stream for broadband operators. Analysts have projected that global revenue for the video surveillance equipment market will increase to US $20.5 billion in 2016. Atlant Telecom is the largest commercial Internet service provider in Belarus and is focused on broadband data transmission for internet, IPTV and VoIP services. Video surveillance over its broadband network would be a natural extension of its existing service offerings.

Through 30 October, Atlant Telecom provided a free test of its cloud video monitoring service to existing customers who can view online video streaming in a private office using applications installed on a computer or other devices using either IP or online cameras. These customers were allowed to evaluate the merits of the video streaming and cloud-storage services for their surveillance systems. Video cloud surveillance has traditionally faced challenges such as bandwidth allocation, significant upload and download speeds, ease of use, storage, and security. Given its position in the market, Atlant should have the resources and infrastructure to provide the bandwidth with sufficient speeds. It can address storage issues by providing one-to-four-week storage capability and an export tool to download the data, off-loading its servers and thus avoiding storage problems.

Atlant’s offering appears well-timed to capitalize on increased security awareness among governments, businesses and consumers. It should position the company to increase revenue from the video-streaming capability, which requires significant bandwidth, as well as from the cloud-storage requirements. By offering the service to existing customers, Atlant avoids infrastructure build-out costs while it rolls out this service. As revenues increase, infrastructure expansion will be possible in order to expand their subscriber base.

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