Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Zain Jordan Launches New Roaming Bundles

Jordanian mobile operator Zain has launched roaming bundles for its postpaid and prepaid clients. The international roaming packages include three options for receiving calls while roaming in over 180 countries. The first plan costs JOD 10.00 (US $14.05) per month, with the voice call receiving charge priced at JOD 0.09 (US $0.12); the second bundle is priced at JOD 20.00 (US $28.10) per month and includes 400 receiving minutes;  the third plan includes 1,000 receiving minutes per month and costs JOD 35.00 (US $49.19). Prepaid customers can opt for a plan that costs JOD 3.00 (US $4.21) and charges JOD 0.15 (US $0.21) per minute for receiving a voice call while roaming in more than 180 countries.

There are three mobile service providers in Jordan,  Zain, Orange and Umniah, which are constantly trying to increase their market share. Zain’s new roaming offers seem like a good way of bringing some additional revenue in, especially since currently none of the other operators on the market offer similar roaming packages. The roaming rates in Zain’s packages also seem slightly lower than the rates offered by the competition. Orange Jordan charges its postpaid clients JOD 0.10 (US $0.14). Prepaid subscribers pay JOD 0.05 (US $0.07) per minute for receiving a call while roaming in Arab countries and JOD 1.00 (US $1.40) per minute for a received call in any other country. Umniah Jordan charges its postpaid users JOD 0.10 per minute for receiving a call while roaming around the world. Additionally, subscribers who use Uline60 and Uline160 packages receive calls while roaming around the world at no additional cost.
The new packages introduced by Zain seem to have attractive prices. Additionally, they provide some flexibility, which allows the customers to select a plan that best fits their needs. As we have written previously, customers, especially cost-conscious ones, like to fully control their spending, so offers that allow some form of flexibility are becoming more and more popular among them.

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