Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Portugal Telecom Launches Taxi App.

Portugal Telecom has introduced Meo Taxi, which enables users to call taxis in of Lisbon and Porto. The free app can be used on any network and is available for iOS and Android. The service will soon be expanded to other Portuguese cities. After downloading the Meo Taxi app on their smartphones, users can request a taxi without having to make a phone call. The app pinpoints the user’s location, which is then automatically routed to the taxi driver who is closest.

Meo Taxi seems like a good idea in terms of increasing customer satisfaction by delivering a targeted, value-added service. In addition, as it appears to be a competitor to entities such as Uber, it affords an example of how MNOs can bring such offerings in-house and possibly make more revenue from them—from fees charged to the taxis or to consumers—than they would as mere data conduits for third-party app-based services.

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