Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Selection of Pet Peeves from Mobile Phone Users

  • "I want plans that can be customized"
  • "I want a better data plan"
  • "I want a good roaming plan"
  • "I want better plan flexibility"
  • "I want a shorter contract length"
  • "We need cheaper, quality smartphones"
  • "I want to be able to upgrade whenever I want"
  • "I want a good data bundle"
  • "There's too much time to wait when I need to upgrade"
  • "I would like better coverage"
  • "I'd like to be informed about my data usage"
  • "I'd like a better data plan"
  • "I'd like to be able to hold calls."
  • "I want to unlock my SIM card for domestic use after my contract expires"
  • "Data packs are too expensive"
  • "The spectrum used is unable to penetrate buildings"
  • "Terrible customer service"
  • "It's difficult to monitor my data usage"
  • "Don't like the 12 month permanency"
  • "I hate waiting 2 years for an upgrade"
  • “Dislike roaming charges”
  • “I don’t like being disconnected from the internet”
  • “I hate a fluctuating network”
  • “My internet speed is too slow”
  • “I’d like to bundle my land-line, cable and mobile into one bill”
  • “I want a prepaid plan with device options”
  • “There’s very little data at 3 Gigabytes”
  • “I don’t like the taxes and roaming charges”
  • “I want apps that work on Android, iPhone and Windows just the same”
  • “Insurance is too expensive”
  • “I want a better choice of servers”
  • “I want to know if my service is throttled”
  • “I want coverage reliability”
  • “I do not like the trade in rules”
  • “I think the voice quality is not good”
  • “I don’t like the pre-installed apps”
  • “I want a faster network”
  • “I want better security”
  • “I want a better selection of phones”
  • “ I don’t like contracts”

Source: Tarifica’s 2014 Global Survey of Mobile Users

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