Friday, August 1, 2014

Vodafone Ireland Launches Its First 4G PAYG Smartphone

Vodafone Ireland has launched its first 4G smartphone for all Pay As You Go customers. The Vodafone Smart Turbo 4 handset costs €99.99 (US $135.25) and can be purchased in stores and online. When combined with the Vodafone Red PAYG package, which costs €30.00 (US $40.58) and is valid for 30 days, subscribers get access to the 4G LTE network with unlimited calls and SMS and 1 GB of data.

The Irish mobile market comprises five mobile network operators and a small number of MVNOs, so the competition level is high. Currently Vodafone Ireland is the leader in the market, with a 42 percent share. The operator continues to roll out its 4G LTE service, which at this point covers six major cities and over 220 towns.
Recent reports indicate that two thirds of mobile subscribers in Ireland prefer the Pay As You Go prepaid offers, so it seems that Vodafone Ireland’s new device will fit the market’s expectations well. The Vodafone Smart Turbo 4 handset allows cost-conscious customers to access the 4G LTE network and all its benefits without any additional costs or long-term contracts. The device affords the operator a further opportunity to promote its 4G LTE network, which will not only lead to fuller utilization of the network but should also increase revenue. Customers will be able to become more familiar with all the capabilities of 4G without spending a lot of money on a high-end device.

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