Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vodafone Portugal Offers New Subscription Program for Business Customers

Vodafone Portugal, in partnership with PIE Group, a company that specializes exclusively in developing solutions for management and control, has launched “Factura na Hora,” a new business management solution for its business subscribers. This new system provides complete mobility, a tablet or smartphone app for Android, automatic cloud-based backup service  and data recovery in case of loss or theft of equipment. Additionally, it allows users to check documents such as invoices and reports, manage accounts of clients and vendors, and create and remotely change information on all the equipment using the same application. There are three different subscription options available: Vodafone Factura na Hora Sync for €9.90 (US $13.45) per month, which synchronizes information from different devices, Vodafone Factura na Hora Light for €19.90 (US $27.04) per month, which allows users to issue invoices, delivery notes, reports and other documents and Vodafone Factura na Hora Pro for €24.90 (US $33.84) per month, which provides the option of managing suppliers’ accounts and inventory, as well as allowing users to issue invoices, delivery notes and reports.

Portugal’s mobile market is dominated by three operators, MEO (Portugal Telecom), Vodafone and Optimus. It has high mobile penetration, partly due to the popularity of using multiple SIM cards. The environment is very competitive, so operators have to constantly create innovative offers to attract new customers and satisfy existing ones. Vodafone’s new offer allows subscribers to choose the option that best fits their needs. As we have written previously, in order to provide specific services, very often operators create unique relationships with other companies, such as the one developed by Vodafone and PIE Group. Those partnerships are a viable source of revenue for both parties. Additionally, they help mobile operators go beyond the basic, traditional range of offerings. Even though this new program targets only business customers, we believe it is a likely source of revenue.

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