Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mozilla to Launch Firefox Smartphones in India

Mozilla will start selling the first Firefox OS smartphone models in India in July, according to reports. The devices will be available at retail prices of US $50 or less. The U.S.-based software company launched its smartphones in July 2013 in Latin America and Europe and to date has sold about 1 million units worldwide. Low-cost chips and an open-source operating system help keep the phones’ prices very low.

India is a very promising market for super-low-priced smartphones. While customers’ budgets are still tight there, on average, use of mobile data is rising rapidly, stimulated by operators’ investments in enhanced networks. According to a recent report, Vodafone India has seen a 230 percent increase in 3G adoption in the country’s rural markets. In order to avail themselves of the opportunities offered by 3G networks, rural customers need smartphones, and with its Firefox phones, Mozilla is well positioned to meet their needs.
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