Friday, June 20, 2014

Samsung Partners with Marvel Entertainment

South Korean device manufacturer Samsung Electronics has recently partnered with Marvel Entertainment, which publishes comics and produces movies, among other enterprises. The partnership will begin with a three-month offer of free unlimited access to over 15,000 Marvel Comics through the Marvel Unlimited app on the Galaxy Tab S. In addition, all Samsung users will have exclusive access to sneak peeks of upcoming Marvel films debuting next year, including “Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.” There will also be Samsung product placement in Marvel entertainment content.

Apple has consistently surpassed Samsung in the tablet market and continues to hold the largest market share at 32.5 percent, compared to Samsung’s 22.3 percent in Q1 2014 (see graph). Samsung’s market share has increased significantly over the past year, but Apple still holds the lead. The partnership with Marvel Entertainment holds out the possibility of driving more business to Samsung’s tablets.

Marvel has a huge worldwide fan base, and Samsung product placement within its films could have a positive effect on device sales. However, the promotional offer of three months of free unlimited access to Marvel Comics on the Marvel Unlimited app may not be as useful a strategy as the company expects, since the application only allows access to most newly released comics six months after they go on sale in stores. Also, the app allows users to access six comics offline, the rest requiring internet access, which makes it inconvenient to use in areas without an internet connection.

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