Tuesday, May 27, 2014

T-Mobile Turning Attention to the Largest Minority in the U.S.

Univision Communications is partnering with U.S. operator T-Mobile to launch Univision Mobile, an MVNO aimed at Hispanic Americans, which became available  throughout the country on 19 May. In addition to offering voice, texts and data on a prepaid basis, Univision Mobile, running on T-Mobile’s network, will incorporate Univision programming content. Supported by the American Spanish-language broadcasting network’s rewards program, the MVNO will provide customers with access to custom-built content such as events and apps, including a Univision Mobile app that can track minutes, texts, and data and allow access to additional content. Customers have the option to use their own compatible device by purchasing a SIM card, or they may choose from a variety of available devices.

T-Mobile is turning its attention to the largest minority market in the U.S., Hispanics, by entering into this partnership to create Univision Mobile. It should be noted, however, that this is not the first time a mobile operator has sought this particular market. In 2013, Verizon Wireless launched Viva Móvil By Jennifer Lopez, a Hispanic-oriented retail entity founded by the popular singer specifically for the operator’s products and services. While Viva Móvil and Verizon initiated the idea of aiming for the Hispanic market, T-Mobile’s partnership with Univision shows more potential, in that it is offering an original targeted mobile service rather than simply retailing existing products. With plans starting at US $30.00 per month, Univision Mobile will offer unlimited talk and text to U.S. numbers, unlimited international texting and 100 minutes per month to mobile or landline numbers in select Latin American countries. In addition, Univision will supply customers with unique content, including sneak peeks at new Univision shows and behind-the-scenes access to Univision events. The fact that Univision is one of the most popular and largest companies catering to Hispanics increases the new MVNO’s chances of success, which should put pressure on the competition to follow suit.

“Knowing the market is an important contributing factor in any company’s success, especially in the volatile mobile industry. T-Mobile has consistently shown itself to be knowledgeable about the U.S. market and consumers’ desires. With regard to Univision Mobile, T-Mobile saw potential growth among Hispanic consumers and seized the opportunity to create plans that enable them to communicate with families in Latin America without additional cost. Marketing the correct product or service to the right consumers will ensure optimal market penetration.”
Maribeth Natchez, Marketing Director at Tarifica

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