Monday, April 21, 2014

Interactive Mobile Pricing Database

 Tarifica’s Mobile Pricing Database is an interactive database that offers users quick and easy access to every published rate, plan and service from over 300 MNOs and MVNOs in 85 countries around the world. The information, which is updated continuously, covers all forms of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and broadband modems. The functionality of the database allows subscribers to rapidly sort through thousands of plans and select only those that fit their selected criteria.

The following are representative examples of how the data is used by various types of subscribers:
¨ Mobile operators review the database to ensure that their prices and offers are competitive in their home markets. They also use it to help gain a better understanding of the offers and structures that operators in other markets, both near and far, have employed, with a goal of identifying best practices.
¨ Regulators rely on the database to benchmark prices and offers in their national markets against those in comparable countries. Doing so helps to ensure that the entities they regulate are providing leading edge services at market rate prices.
¨ Enterprises, and the consultants that serve them, use the database to help determine the most competitive rates in far-flung markets. They then leverage that information to better negotiate rates with service providers. The Mobile Pricing Database is typically sold as an annual subscription, which includes six hours of analyst support to answer questions and for custom projects. Flexible subscription periods can be designed for clients that may need to use the database for shorter or longer durations. It is accessible directly from theTarifica website via a user assigned login and password.
The Mobile Pricing Database is typically sold as an annual subscription and users can select between worldwide, regional or national access. All subscriptions include six hours of analyst support and subscriptions to The Tarifica Alert and Mobile Promotions Report. It is accessible directly from the Tarifica website via a user-assigned login and password.

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Rates are available for the services listed below for both postpaid and prepaid plans, as well as for businesses and consumers:
¨ Connection and Rental
¨ Voice Calls (on-net, off-net, fixed line)
¨ SMS/MMS (on-net, off-net, international)
¨ Data (including allowances and excess usage)
¨ International Calling
¨ Roaming (voice, SMS, data)
¨ Video/TV Packages
¨ Discount Offers

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